Hôm nay bắt đầu một ngày mới bằng email trả lời một lá thư của một tổ chức nước ngoài, muốn chửi thật to lên “địt con mẹ cái lũ chúng mày”.

Mời mọi người đọc:

‘..About training for the teachers, its an excellent idea and that’s exactly what I think a sustainable project should be. However to have an effective outcome, the training needs to be thorough, not like those donor-driven NGO projects where they give 3 day to 1 week training and then walk away thinking they have done a good job. Life Art is not interested in this sort of quality. As you can see, I am training NGO director and school principal for 6 months, just so that they can be trainers. I am not saying that intensity is applicable to every project condition (given that now everyone wants some thing fast, cheap, and exhibit-able), but you and your boss need to think this really thoroughly. I can work for 1 day and give a high price to call it “fair” but am I happy with the outcome with my name attached?




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