English, Wow!

Tips for not being the worst lead

1. Cut your nails. Nothing more irritating than having those long sharp nails digging in the palm as we try to maintain the C shape. I still don’t know why some men keep long nails? In dancing? Is it like armpit hair?

2. Be gentle. Even if you wiggle like a worm, jump around like a monkey, step with the wrong foot, have no idea what beat you are stepping on, I can still follow you as long as you don’t throw me around the room, I just won’t call it salsa, but you are still a managable lead. Thank you.

3. Get out of my way. Whatever the dance is, if you see me moving to a direction, don’t suddenly come right infront of me and move to the opposite. Come on, it’s the most basic understanding, will you hit somebody on the street with your body? NO, YOU DON’T. Same with dancing man.

4. Don’t tell me what to do. Don’t shout to my ears “Spin, Spin, Spin”. Don’t tell me “Dip Dip Dip” either. It’s dancing, not hearing test.

5. Don’t look at any other girl while dancing, not the whole song! For obvious reason man, it’s dancing, not cleaning the floor while watching T.V!


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