Tái sử dụng cửa sổ

Salvaging old windows and upcycling them into something new for your home is easier than you might think. Take a look at some of these creative twists on salvaged windows.

This, I LOVE.  from Oddityink on etsy 

One great way to upcycle an old window is to put something behind the glass such as photos or scrapbook paper. Simply cut your paper to fit the glass windows and adhere on reverse side…

Scrapbook paper behind the glass   photo via Little Birdie Secrets

Show off favorite photos with a one of a kind photo frame

For this look, simply mount window in front of poster sized photo  photo via Milk and Honey

Use as a display for vintage post cards

Salvaged windows as new furniture…

Old world church window secretary hutch by ArcadianCottage on etsy

Coffee table that also serves as a shadow box

How to make a window table DIY

Window case made from salvaged barn windows

DIY headboard from Better Homes & Gardens

Old windows as new room dividers…

Room divider made from old doors and windows

Salvaged windows as room dividers

Architectural elements…

If you are lucky enough to come across an ornate antique widow…simply display

Here, two salvaged windows are joined together and fit with a board to create a shelf

Replace broken glass with new mirrors

Chalkboard and coarkboard creations from madebymarcie on etsy

This window frame jewelry display is perfect for a teen’s room DIY

Add some hooks for attractive hallway storage

For your garden….

A beautiful greenhouse made from recycled windows

Old doors & windows make a garden screen
Old windows and doors in the garden

Recycled window flowerbox

Another upcycled window box

Add a shelf with spots for pots. So pretty!

Window conservatory by Brambleberry Cottage

Window greenhouse DIY tutorial

For the overly ambitious: a playhouse of salvaged windows from Monticello Antiques

“All of the windows of my heart I open to the day.” – JG Whittier

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