Bài Hot!, English, Wow!


I think he likes me.

But I am different from the rest of the girls around him. I am proud of my asian skin, silky hair, slender body, and youthfulness. I am not any girl. And I think he knows it!

He has a typical african look: dark brown skin, very curly hair and eyelashes, expressive eyes and thick lips. To be fair, he is above average.

But, there is his younger brother, who is too, a cutie. We all live in the same house. And it’s not always easy.

As ignorant as I could be (sometimes), who couldn’t tell when he occasionally caressed your hair, talking about his mom (!) or leaned against you “conveniently”?

To be honest, I don’t mind, even if he brings his mom into the conversation about my hair.

However, things started to go beyond conversation.

That night, I was waken up in my sleep finding two black hands trying to part my mosquito net. It was the brother.

“What are you doing?’ I yelled in the lowest volume possible

“Fungo macho” he whispered – which means “Close your eyes” in Kiswahili.

“No. Please go back to your room” – I replied firmly but in soft volume, when you are in an alien culture, the best way is to be assertive but polite.
He stood there, looked at me for a while with those sad eyes! At one point… I almost gave in (come on, he is CUTEEEEE), but boundary should be set, I am alone in this country. Finally, he gave up the idea, but I wouldn’t sleep that night, he could always come back.

The next morning, I dressed up to go out, that time my hair was still straight and at waist length, I mention this because long straight black hair is a real deal in Africa. As I walked down the stair case and proceeded to the door, I heard a voice calling me, gentle but definite:

– Ly?

I turned around to see HIM sitting on the couch, looking at me as if enjoying a painting:

– You are beautiful! – He complimented

– Thank you!

I don’t think he knew what his brother was trying last night. He seems to relax and confident, perhaps he thought he was the only one in the house?

I like how relax he is, but I also like his brother’s boldness, even though younger, he is a guy who approaches fearlessly. I remember once he and I were watching T.V together, before I knew it, his lips were on my hand. A very soft spongy african kiss on the back of my hand!

– I will buy you everything – he smiled

– Are you sure? – I asked, obviously still shocked from the kiss

– Yes. ANYTHING – he nodded

Like any men in the Luo tribe, the two brothers prove they are designed to seduce women since such young age. One was 4, and the other was 5 years old.

I miss them, really miss them.


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