Dear Ex

When we were together you and I had had a very good chance to build everything possible but we were incapable of doing that, so there is a reason we are ex.

Every words you tell me now only show how stuck you are and not able to move on and conquer this life. You repeats yourself, yet, your position is unchanged: an ex. Yet, for the past year you still keep repeating yourself. And you are still an ex, a ghost of a nice memory. Please move on.

I receive universal love and obviously it includes yours, you dont need to keep repeating how proud you are of me or of my life, and how you love me no matter what. Because if you DO love me, leave me alone and at peace with my relationship. If you ARE proud of me, then say thank you to my boyfriend for having accompanied me this far. If you know what you are, a King or a Queen or whatever important stuff you are dreaming of, then be it and stop coming to us in desperation. Yes, dont come to us. I am me and I am my relationship. You write to me, you write to us. You want to swim for me, you face both me and my lover. You were precious, but no more in my heart. To me now you are just a confused lonely man.  You know what is precious to me? A man who are able to hold me in his arms and keep me by his side despite of all my weakness. Now my man is shining so strongly with love.. and I worship him. If you really actually think you are precious or super or awesome… You dont need to keep telling me because look, why would you need my fucking approval? Keep that speciality and preciousness and your Kingdom to another woman who deserve. Please dont come to us and do this kind of thing. It looks desperate.

Lastly, you said you dont care about how my lover would feel about your action. Well you dont care about me then. You dont respect my choice and my devotion to him. I do not tolerate this kind of disrespect especially to the one I worship, and so please watch your words, watch your action, watch your intention. I do not just keep quiet and focus on my relationship. Sometimes kindness cant help people who is slow to understand. For the ghost of what we had, do know how to back off and leave, before I need to be actively protecting my relationship.

To you, the ex. Dont just be a stupid nonsense regular desperate regretful lonely confused EX.

Be independent. And go fuck yourself.


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